Candice F. Tomkins

352 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Sequim, WA 98382

October 5, 2004

Dear Clint,

I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you how I have spent the Spring, Summer and Fall discovering the many wondrous ways to use my “Dandy Digger” to clear my 5 acres of weeds, rocks, thatch and myriad other buried objects!! I’m so glad now that I paid the extra money for the more durable digger! Frankly, I was very surprised that it didn’t break because I have literally leveraged some pretty big rocks and fallen trees out of the ground that I couldn’t even lift! I also had about 7 young trees that were being choked by field grass and I used the digger to perforate areas around the trunk and lift out sections, roots and all, easily about 4” deep. I originally bought it for the dandelions but once I got the hang of it, it literally became my right arm every day I went out into the field to clear. For a woman of average stature, I don’t need the muscle because, with the Digger’s sharp edge and leveraging capability, I know I can always dream up a new way to use this mighty little wonder. I don’know how I would have done all the work I did without it, it’s the perfect tool for a woman – and with the bright yellow handle I can just stick it in the ground standing up and I don’t lose it in the field.

This tool has made the overwhelming amount of work I had in front of my place much easier than I ever dreamed. I think it would have taken me twice as long with the old heavy tools.
I did it, all alone, with my Dandy Digger and I am very proud of myself.

I am woman hear me roar !

Thank you Clint, this tool makes everything else in the garage seem huge and prehistoric.
More women need to know about your tool, make sure you get the word out!


Candice Tomkins

Clint, I bought my first digger about 18 months ago. I was so impressed that I ordered a stainless one. Besides, I needed two so my wife could work. Now I gradually move my way out of sight and stop for lemonade while she works. I have every weeding device known to man and this is the best one.

Jim Lurton, Lexington, KY

Wed 9/29/2004 Hello! I am very satisfied with your dandy digger: I used it to fill wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with dandelions and other weeds, some almost as big as large bushes! It was fun digging up the weeds. I discovered if I watered the ground thoroughly first, they would come out of the ground more easily. I did actually bend the dandy digger a bit when I was digging in dry ground…but I think it was just that I was being unusually enthusiastic. I found some other uses for the tool. I have several solar path lights: the kind that you just stick in the ground. But the plastic point on the ends are not sturdy enough to penetrate our solid dirt: you have to dig a hole first. The dandy digger makes a perfect hole for the path lights. I think you have a good product. When I was looking on the Internet for something to help with my weeds, I turned up your digger right away though. So it’s easy to find on the Internet. I also found a few gardening places on the net that were ‘reselling’ your tool, and several testimonials from happy users! I’m glad I have one! Thanks for making such a great dandelion killing tool.

Jill Dougherty

Saturday, June 19, 2004 I already owned five diggers (not your type) from hardware stores. Yours is more heavy duty than those. If I have light weeding to do I use one or two of the original five. Your digger weighs more and is bigger and is used for getting deep roots such as Virginia Button Weed. By the way – I have all these diggers because I am always leaving them somewhere and it takes time to find them.

John A. Mullis

Sun 6/20/2004 The Dandy Digger is, indeed, a dandy, Clint. It even works well on wild onions. It got another good work out this Spring with all the flora that I was not happy to see visit my lawn. I was easily able to extract those unwanted visitors with the help of your “little jewel.” Congratulations on a quality product that should be among the inventory of all gardeners tools. PS: The chocolate was a nice touch!

Kay Lowrance

Clint, Fri 9/17/2004 Last Christmas I gave my wife a Dandy Digger and she was so taken by it that she sometimes weeds into the night. This photo was taken with a flash as she had success with a particularly big weed.

Ken Shamordola

7/6/2004 Hi Clint, The tool is working great, especially for the huge Texas Thistles that we have here.

Liz Gardner

Fri 9/17/2004 Dear Clint, I’ve just spent another lovely afternoon with my Dandy Digger, at the end of which I demonstrated it to a visiting friend and recommended it highly. In mid-May when I returned to Maine from a Florida winter, my garden plants hadn’t begun to grow but the dandelions looked big enough to have come from the south themselves. A couple of hours with the Digger dispatched them. It even works on buried rocks, which Maine grows a fine crop of. Thanks again for your excellent product and for your creative packaging, which I remember with a smile. It’s consoling to know that any deep-rooted weeds that make it through the winter will succumb to Clint’s Dandy Digger when my enthusiasm returns in the spring. I’ve recommended your Dandy Digger (I didn’t realize you personally construct each one) to several friends but I think I’ll have to give them a demo in the spring to convince them they should have one

Maureen Armour

From Joel Lerner, columnist for the Washington Post, DC Q. I would like to know efficient and effective ways to weed my beds. There must be better ways than the stoop and pull method, especially for baby weeds. Must I dig up the entire root? What are the best tools? Is it better to remove them individually, or can I cultivate the surface soil? – Jane DeMouy A. Low-maintenance weed control means doing the correct tasks at the right time. Weed weekly to keep your garden low maintenance, and get in the habit of plucking obvious weeds every time you pass the beds. Do it while they’re young, and they’ll never self-sow to become a major problem.