Instructions on the use of the DANDY DIGGER

Clint’s Dandy Digger is a garden weeder designed to deliver a strong force of energy with the least effort directly to the root of the problem. It is simple, powerful, and easy to use; a real back saver.

The success of the digger lies in how it is forced by foot perpendicular into the ground about two inches alongside the root, with the “V” side towards the root, to the full depth of the foot bar. Then as the handle is swung downward the whole plant will begin to rise as the point of the tool swings up. As the tool point pivots upward forcing the ground apart like an earthquake it breaks and loosens the soil while pushing the root out and occasionally causes the whole plant to jump out of the ground.

The entire tool is less than 1 1/2 inches wide. This allows a minimal disturbance of the ground. The broken soil slides past both sides of the beveled edges of the tool allowing the root to be pushed out from beneath. With the root thus loosened, it is easy to brush the whole plant away with a swipe of the tool point or pull it out and then a stomp of the foot replaces the divot.

Since there are no moving parts the tool is easy to maintain. It is a fast, easy and permanent way to remove weeds.