9 expert-backed ways to use LinkedIn to find a job

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How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn

Are you looking for a job? You might think that finding a job here in Perth, Western Australia may seem a simple process. But the truth is, it can be approached in so many angles.

When hunting for a job, you need to sit down and write up a plan that encapsulates who you professionally are. You need to evaluate your attributes such as career progression and working hours, and what types of organisation you’d like to work for. When applying for jobs, keep your plan handy to see how closely aligned they are. You might find that they’re realistically not even worth applying for.

Once you’ve evaluated your qualifications and the type of job you want to have, the next step is to write a good resume. A job resume is a brief written summary of your past employment history, education, and other pertinent information.

In order to make a favourable impression for your perspective employer, you need to make a well-written resume. Otherwise, your employer will likely to stop considering you as a suitable candidate for the job on offer and move on to other candidates who have provided better resumes.

In today’s modern age, things have changed massively. Same is true with have people create their resumes and look for a job. Nowadays, people use LinkedIn, a social networking site. Yes, a social networking site but unlike Facebook, Instagram and other popular ones we often hear, LinkedIn is a free site that is used for professional and business purposes. However, to make it work for you, you need to know how to use it effectively.

LinkedIn is like other social networking site, but it is the best one when it comes to job networking. However, just like in actual life, many are already using this platform for job search which means you already have plenty of competitors for certain positions. Hence, you really need to create the most impressive profile you can make.

Here are 9 proven tips on how to use LinkedIn to look for a job:

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What does your interior style say about you?

Exposed beams, gritty materials and plenty of timber gives the your home an industrial edge.

Many of us are willing to spend ton of money for styling their dream home particularly their interior. That’s because there are so many benefits to having stunning interior design. Apart from raising your home’s market value, it gives priceless satisfaction to homeowners as they believe that the home is the refection of the homeowner’s personality and has a lot of things to say about him or her.

Interior design is arguably the most important element of home renovation. It is the art of enhancing your interiors (sometimes includes some parts of the exterior) to achieve astatically pleading environment for the user. It is also the process of shaping the experience of interior space, the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the betterment of human functionality.

When looking to start your interior design project, you will always want to make your home as beautiful as it can get. However, you will want to make sure that you will not compromise the habitability and comfort of your room for beauty and design. It is easy to get excited about all of the great finds that you are making and end up purchasing them all but this can lead to be a disaster because the room could end up being so crowded that a person may end up feeling overwhelmed in it.

With interior design, beauty and style should not be the only factors to consider. Rather, you need to make sure that your home is still open and welcoming. It means that everyone will be able to interact within your room, whether it be sitting on furniture and holding a discussion or mingling around, perhaps with a party. Space and enough room to breath are important when you are planning for an interior design makeover regardless of your personality.

What does your interior style say about you? Read this post for more details:

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Should You Build Or Buy A Business?

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Identifying business risk

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Whether you are a large corporation or a small business shop, one thing that is constant in any business is the implementation of strategies and planning. Good planning is needed in every new problem faced by a business requires management to modify the strategy, as well as in every new growth step needs execution. Every strategy or plan is implemented with the confidence that it will take the business forward. But unfortunately, even if you have planned everything well, problems still occur and disasters still happen. In other words, our business is always “at risk.”

At some point, your small business faces the issue of risk. First of all, what is risk? Risk is inherent in almost everything we do in this fallen world in which we live.

Some owners seek for small business advice so that will do well to consider business risk and its effect. That’s because in addressing our potential to fail we can minimize the likelihood of such failure. However, stalling over the presence of risk can be as deadly as ignoring risks. Therefore, it is the balanced approach that wins.

Like any small business entity, arguably your biggest risk is the financial risk. That is the reason why financial risk assessment is so important for your business.

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Life Cover

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Life insurance plays a pivotal role in our life and so it should not be overlooked by any chance. The world is constantly changing and full of risks and life insurance can provide you and your business with stable protection needed.

Normally, people think that acquiring life insurance is complicated and too expensive, but the truth is it is not so and need not have to be. A life insurance policy is a flexible and powerful tool that will protect you and your loved ones and will prove to be an absolute value for money.

So if you have something or someone which you wish to protect then it is the life insurance policy which can help you in accomplishing the goal irrespective of your present stage in life.

The main benefit of having insurance is that it will protect you and your family members against financial risks with your financial commitments and life circumstances changing from time to time. For your business, it will help it in different ways like unlocking your business’s value for your retirement, implementing your succession plans or covering up the loss of an important employee.

With so much of benefits under a single cover having life cover is truly a great advantage. To learn more about life cover, read this article:

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4 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

All entrepreneurs should realise that company culture can attract or repel those whom you need to build a prosperous business. Keep in mind that business is about people – people, as in employees, customers, suppliers, lenders, and investors. Your company’s culture has a large impact on your success in order to attract the most talented employees and the most profitable customers.

Your company culture is critical however you define it whether you define it in terms of customer satisfaction, attendance, safety, or productivity, research clearly indicates that culture influences organisational performance. If you have a strong company culture, you can feel confident that your company its shared set of goals and objectives. Moreover, it simultaneously empowers employees to make decisions in their areas of responsibility.

What is company culture? It is basically a system used in business environment that is comprised of shared values and attitudes that focus on how work gets done and how people and materials are affected.

If you are the leader of your company, you should be the one who establishes values and sets the vision and strategic direction. In small companies, it is almost always the personalities and values of the founders, owners, and general managers that determine the company culture.

If you are struggling to improve your management skills and company culture, then this article published by Business News Daily can help you.

Check out the full article right here:

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Entrepreneurs: Effective Selling Is About This, Not That

Small business enterprises have to fight in order to survive in the marketplace. When we talk about their survival, one key factor plays a big role. This key factor is their ability to get customers to buy over and over again. To win customers over and get the sales results you have been looking for you have to check your sales presentation and your materials to ensure you have included the keys to effective selling.

If you want to effectively sell your product or service, you need to have a great conversation with your customers. The more they reveal the more accurate and practical your sales pitch will be. If you want to know what people think they need from you, you need to ask them the right questions and give them time to reveal their thoughts.

Once you have already known your targeted market’s needs, have quality and professionally edited sales tools, sales letters and proposals. Practice presentations, and cold calling. The appropriate tools are essential for any trade, and also in sales. There is no one way to sell and the best vehicle will depend on the cost of your product and the perceived value and access to your consumers.

According to an article posted by Michael Katz at YFS Magazine, there are new effective approaches to effective selling.

You can read his article right here:

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6 Signs That You’re Management Material

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Management skills are important skills that are needed for the growth of any career or business. Management skills include the ability to solve problems, to delegate, to communicate, and to ability to make the right decisions. Such are the fundamental foundations from which careers are developed.

Failure to develop their managerial skills effectively often results to some individuals performing poorly in their respective careers. Unlike what most people think the skills are not difficult to develop. Managerial skills can be acquired through programs that are offered to employees or individuals at the work place. Individuals who are interested in broadening their skills can also acquire them by reviewing various available literatures from books or even from around the internet. Merely learning about management in books and the internet or by attending courses will not help you develop management skills that can help you in career development.

Developing management skills can be easy. To develop these, you need to make use of the available information and data that is available online or in management programs. On the other hand, there are some who believe that becoming a great manager or leader of an organisation cannot be nurtured. Instead great leaders are naturally borne with talents.

Check out this article to know if you really have the management material:

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Should You Build Or Buy A Business?

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Business News Perth

Running their own business is one of the ultimate goals of many people, especially those who have been tired working for companies, organisations and private individuals and wants to become their own boss. For some, with their bright business ideas and adequate resources, they start their own venture. Meanwhile, there are some who decide purchasing an existing business from other person.

Should you start a business from scratch or buy an existing business? It may not be more often, but some entrepreneurs opt buying an existing company rather than building a new one. There is the benefit of immediately obtaining a customer base and market. The business is already up and running and the market and brand image has already been established, saving the buyer a lot of time and money. Furthermore, financing is usually easier to obtain for a business with a proven track record.

The most popular advantage of purchasing an existing company is that you’ll usually get instant cash flow. The company is likely to be profitable when buying a business. When you start a business from scratch, profitability and cash flow may take quite some time to achieve, if at all.

However when buying an existing business, it is important to know why the owner is selling it, how it might affect you, and whether or not it will suit you.

So, should you buy or build a business? Find the answer out by reading this article:

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